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Our service is not an express service and we do not guarantee collection or delivery timescales for the basic 'Green' service as we plan our routes as efficiently as possible to minimise mileage, fuel consumption and our carbon footprint - however we aim to collect and deliver in England and Wales within 14 days of payment having been received for the delivery unless you have chosen an enhanced service. Scotland and Ireland will take longer. The service is to an easily accessible ground floor room. It is not our job to carry goods through awkward passages or up flights of stairs. We do not expect to be asked to assemble or dismantle items. There will usually only be one driver on our vans. They will need assistance with the collection and delivery of larger items. They are very helpful and obliging but if in their opinion they are unable to get your item to your desired location then they reserve the right to leave it in a secure place or return it on the van to our warehouse, where a further charge may apply. Our insurance does not cover any incident which may take place whilst the driver is providing additional help beyond our van.


The seller is responsible for ensuring that their goods are adequately wrapped to survive a long distance van journey. The seller should always wrap upholstered items and mattresses before collection. We cannot accept any responsibility for items getting dirty, marked or scratched if the vendor has made no effort to protect them. Any GLASS must be well Packed, padded and protected. Sellers must label each part of every item with the destination address. The main piece must state the total number of pieces e.g. "wardrobe 1 part of 3". Without labels our warehouse staff have no way of knowing how many parts your item has split into, or where it is going. We take no responsibility for the loss of unlabelled parts such as shelves, keys, cornices, mirrors etc. An additional delivery charge will be made if an unlabelled item is not successfully delivered. It is the responsibility of sellers and buyers to make each other aware of what is expected of the purchased item. We do not check the condition of the goods we are collecting/delivering.


Many items are sold in need of restoration, and other items are sold as perfect. Our driver will not be aware of the expected condition of an item. We will transport your items with care, and if we are ever responsible for any damage in transit, then we will own up to it. Insurance is compulsory. The cost of insurance is 2% of the total value. The insurance commences when the item is loaded on our van, and finishes when it is unloaded from our van at its destination. The insurance does not cover moving the item to or from the van at the collection or delivery point. This remains the responsibility of the buyer and seller even if a member of our staff is assisting at the time. The value of the item is deemed to be the price paid for the item. Insurance covers: Loss, theft and fire. In the event of damage in transit, then the insurance will cover the cost of an adequate repair, and any resulting loss of value to the item is not covered. Damage in transit is only covered when items are adequately wrapped prior to collection. Mirrors, Marble and glass cannot be covered for damage in transit by insurance. Many sellers do not wrap their items. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ask the seller to wrap the item properly, and where necessary the buyer will have to pay extra to the seller to ensure this is done. We cannot stress enough that unwrapped goods may well get damaged in transit, and that the couriers will not accept responsibility. Unwrapped goods are transported at your own risk. We will still collect unwrapped goods, but only subject to the aforementioned terms.


When your order is booked the seller will be provided with a date for collection and the buyer a date for the delivery. Please let us know immediately if a date is not convenient or if you have time restraints. We can often call on you outside working hours and sometimes on the weekend. We will email each party with an estimated two hour time slot prior to collection and again prior to delivery. Bookings may be cancelled within 48 hours of booking without penalty charges. Cancellation after 48 hours incurs a charge of 20 plus VAT. There will be a re-charge if a collection or delivery fails through the fault of the seller or buyer. This will include failure to collect due to items being unpaid for. The charge may be more than the original invoiced amount if considerable problems are encountered. For example, if a buyer is not home to receive a large item we may not have room for pre-arranged subsequent collections. This only applies when an appointment has been confirmed. We do not turn up "on spec". We try to be reasonable about any re-charges and they will depend on the nature of the problems caused by the failed appointment. All details for both the delivery and the collection must be provided before an order is accepted. We must have a name, address, postcode, email address and a phone numbers.

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